Local Yarn from Happy Sheep | Grown, Spun & Dyed in Central Germany


this is a story about a sweater...


Today I'm so excited to let you in behind the scenes of our latest shop launch. I've got a lot to cover, so I'm going to jump right in. 

My grandma, Betty was a prolific sweater knitter. The thing about her sweaters was this: she knew exactly how to modify any pattern to fit her own body shape. When she passed away, she left a closet full of gorgeous hand knit sweaters and cardigans that didn't fit any of us. Except for one.

My very favorite of these sweaters was a Fisherman's style cabled cardigan that she knit while living in Ireland. It was cream colored and soft, with brown faux-leather buttons- and it fit! However, somewhere over the last few years we misplaced the sweater. I think about it at least once or twice a month- no joke. 

The truth is, my grandma is a big part of the inspiration behind what I do. She was the one who taught me to knit, though I didn't really start seriously knitting until after she was gone. It wasn't something we ever really shared- though that would be so different now! So I've been wracking my brains as to how I could somehow create something in her memory in connection with what I'm doing now. 

Last fall, as we were in the process of launching our yarn company, I approached my friend Simone (of @inkandsoil) with the idea that we could collaborate to create something inspired by my grandmother's sweater. Together we came up with the idea for this pin (and one or two more exciting things coming later as well!) It's an enamel pin, illustrated by Simone and made here in Germany and I honestly couldn't love it more! It's a tribute of course, to my grandma and her sweater- to everything she taught me, both fiber related and otherwise. But it's also a tribute to female friendship, to supporting each other across generations, location or differences- another passion of my grandma's that I've inherited.

I so sincerely hope you're going to love it!  


Betty's Sweater Kits will be available in our shop on Tuesday, May 15th at 7pm CET. Each kit will contain a skein of yarn and a pin, and will cost €22-€26. This will be the very last chance to get a skein of this batch of Origin in the cream colorway. I'll also have skeins of mill spun yarn (also 100% German merino) in a limited amount of naturally dyed colorways