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project inspiration: what to knit with Homestead!

knitting on my Weekender Sweater Version 1.0 (ie: before I had to rip back and start over!)

knitting on my Weekender Sweater Version 1.0 (ie: before I had to rip back and start over!)

Wondering what you can knit with Homestead…?

Since picking it up from our mill in early December, Homestead has been PERMANENTLY on my needles. I just love it, you guys! We do have a few design collaborations in the works but I know that it can be challenging to know if a yarn will lend itself well to a project when you’re not able to squish it or see any pattern examples. So today I thought it might be fun to share with you a few of the projects I’ve been knitting or am planning to cast on, as well as a few designs that I think would be a great match for this yarn.

People ask me all the time what I think our yarn best lends itself to. Personally, with Homestead I’m feeling all the hats and sweaters. I’ve also seen quite a few mitten WIP’s floating around out there (see here & here for example) Overall, Homestead is woolly and hardwearing, with great stitch definition which makes it great for projects featuring cables or textured stitches, as well as any garments you want to be extra warm and long lasting. Of course it’s really up to you, the knitter, what you choose to create- which is one of my very favourite parts of making this yarn. The creative process doesn’t end with us but really only begins there. In case you need a few ideas of what to cast on, here’s what I’ve been knitting and planning and dreaming about!

Sweaters & Cardigans: So first off, of course would have to be my Weekender (pictured above), which has turned into quite the epic saga of a project. This is one of those patterns that has been on my list for ages, that I’ve just never quite gotten around to making. But it’s knitting up just beautifully and I know it’s going to be the perfect oversized, comfy addition to my wardrobe! I ended up knitting the body (all the way up to the back neckline!) twice, which certainly added a few extra weeks (or months!) to this project timeline, but in the end I’m so happy I made the decision to go back and fix the fit to end up with a sweater I’ll be excited to wear.
I’ve also got serious dreams of a cardigan in Homestead. I think it would make the perfect, warm, cozy one to throw over an outfit all winter long. Of course, I just have to mention the Willa Cardigan that Sari Nordlund is designing specifically for Homestead, but a few of my other favourites would be the Shore Cardigan by Carrie Hoge, the Twylem Cardigan by Vanessa Smith and really any worsted weight cabled cardigan out there, to be honest. Scrumptious!
Hats: Just before the holidays I managed to knit a few hats as gifts for friends and I’m so pleased with how they turned out. First I knit a Growing Close Hat (designed by Sari again, this time for Making Stories) in grey. I did have to experiment with gauge a little bit and in the end went with the smallest size and a shorter brim. But the cable/bobble texture was just PERFECT for Homestead. Then I knit a Queen Bee Hat (also by Sari, what can I say? I’m obsessed with her designs right now!) in cream. This one turned out even better than I thought it would and I’m thinking I might need to make one for myself at some point soon. I love how both hats featured similar design elements in slightly different ways. They fit so well together without being too obviously matching.
Speaking of hats… I’ve not actually cast this on, but I do also (humbly) think that my own pattern, The Dubliner Hat would make a great match for Origin. It’s got that same cabled texture and the yarn would make for a lovely squishy double brim. And of course, there’s also Skiff (another gorgeous cabled double brim hat, designed by Jared Flood and knit by our preview knitter Tania) as well as the Vik hat, which is a lovely two color colorwork pattern designed by my friend Verena of Sustainablist.
Shawls: I know I didn’t mention this above but in the past week or two, I’ve started dreaming about knitting another cozy, worsted weight shawl. A few examples of patterns I think would work really well for Homestead (in one or both colorways!) are the Hipster Shawl (by Joji Locatelli) the Amberle Shawl (by Shannon Cook) or the Sweet Soul Shawl (by Tammy Gore). To be honest, once I started looking for shawls I couldn’t stop! I also really love East Coast Charm (by Marie Licole Knits) and Mara (by Megan Nodecker).

If you’re currently knitting with Homestead (or if you have plans for a specific project that you’d like to cast on soon!) I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to share your projects over on Instagram with the tags: #raincloudandsageyarn & #raincloudandsagehomestead. Of course you can also email me any time (hello@raincloudandsage.com) if you’ve got a project you’d like to share or if you’d like some advice on what sort of projects Homestead would be well suited to. I’m happy to provide suggestions and advice where I can.

If you’d like to see more project inspiration ideas, feel free to visit us over on Pinterest. I’ve got a “knitwear” board over there which is filled with projects I think would be perfect for Homestead or Origin. Happy Knitting!

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