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solar dye kit: Origin

solar dye kit: Origin

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Interested in trying out natural dyes as a total beginner? Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids this summer? I’ve created this kit with you in mind! This kit was inspired by a blog post I wrote after trying out solar dyes last summer. This summer I planted a little dye garden on the balcony for my three-year-old son Caleb so he could do some solar dying himself. It got me thinking that maybe there are others of you out there looking for a fun and simple activity this summer (either for yourself or for your children). So this is my way of trying to make solar dying as simple and accessible as possible.

What the kit includes:

Four 25g mini skeins of Origin in our cream (undyed) colorway. The skeins have already been wound up into minis so you can add them straight to your jars.

A free digital download including a simplified version of the instructions in this blog post, which is meant to make it as easy as possible for you to try out solar dying with kids or as a beginner.

4 pre-prepared tags for you to attach to your mini’s to help you document your dying process if you so choose

What the kit doesn’t include:

A glass jar(s)

wooden spoon (or other utensil for stirring your fiber)

dyestuffs (I recommend using marigolds, as those are the easiest and most successful dyestuff I’ve found for this method, but in the PDF I also give a few other suggestions)

water & a sunny day